Event Management

Between 2008-2012 i studied 'Art and Economics' (BAE) at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.

I decided to go for the bachelor of Event Management, which prepared me for several positions in the (cultural) events sector. I learned how to coordinate events and practiced it a lot after I finished my study.

Because of this study I’m familiar with the essential elements of event management. For example: event-scripts, crowd-control, permits and promotion.

I am convinced that a successful event must be a complete experience with a storyline. That’s why i want to be involved in the early phase of concept development.

Concept development

While creating a concept i believe to follow the 1111 method.

This means that a good product or experience starts with an good idea. For this part you’ll receive 1 point. Write the idea down and you’ll receive 10 points.

Now it is about to get real and find out if the plan is viable. Write down a business plan including revenue model and longterm-vision and receive 100 points.

But a successful product or experience has to be tested. That’s why a working prototype or demonstration is very important and its good for 1000 points.
Only if a idea ends up with the 1111 points above, I will continue with the development phase.

Contact me if I could guide your team througout the concept-development stage. I’ve got years of experiences and i am familiair with essential tools like sprint design thinking, lean management and several useful brainstorm techniques.

Project management

I’m that guy in the team who tries to motivate and inspire the team without losing the spot in the horizon. I’ll take care of an good culture and will keep the needs of all stakeholders in mind.

In my opinion a good project manager will take care of an good communication structure in advance. While using (digital) tools like Trello and Slack more time will be available for other activities.