De Goal Show

2020 | ANNE

The Goal Show is an interactive show format: a debate, quiz and comedy in one, all about the Global Goals (the SDGs). A serious (ly fun) game!

For whom? For everybody!

For example:  tree-huggers, right wingers but also municipalities and organizations that want to work with an SDG to actively involve their target groups (residents, employees, etc.).

The Goal Show asks the tantalizing question: what can YOU do to make the world a little better and more beautiful? The Goal Show takes you in 1.5 hours along serious themes that play in your organization or society in a playful and interactive way. In each edition, one SDG is central, with the aim, in addition to a fun evening, of raising awareness.

Presenter, comedian, MC and above all atmosphere maker Jelle Brouwer is the presenter of The Goal Show. I’ll take care of the technique and preparation behind the scenes.