Teaching digital literacy

2014-206 | De tweede verdieping

Besides the bigger projects like the Technology festival, Minecraft-tournaments i did a lot more for the library of Nieuwegein. It was my job to teach and inform the local kids about digital literacy. I think it’s important to teach kids the online norms and values. Which personanal information you share? And where can you find online reliable information?

Literal every lesson i made and teached  had 2 requirements; it must be fun and playful. We call this the gamification of education.
Gamification is a relatively new concept. The most common definition is: “to add game elements to everyday processes, in order to motivate more people and to engage in these processes.”

I was commissioned by the library of Nieuwegein to co-write a website about gamification. On the website we explain the concept and show examples of how it can be used.

What i did

  • teaching
  • projectmanagement
  • concept development