De Droomshow

2017 | On own initiative

Flying like a bird, swimming in a bath full of spaghetti or performing as a singer in a full stadium: these are just some of the dreams that came true during de Droomshow.

What? How?

De Droomshow is an acceleration program (comparable to hackathons) in which participants are guided in finding and developing solutions for both digital and analogue challenges.

The sessions are a mix of brainstorming techniques, inspirational exercises and just plain fun, and are based on existing formats such as Sprint and hackathons. The difference with other sessions is that the show element is very high. The Dream Show is a magical party where everything is possible.

During the first edition, participants made each others’ dreams come true. During the second edition they started developing bizarre inventions. How about a machine that washes and folds your clothes …

What I hoped turned out to be true: De droomshow proves that many things are possible in a short time!

What i did

  • Developing
  • Hosting
  • Set design