2017/2018 | ANNE (Alle Nederlanders Naar Energieneutraal)

Slowly we are starting to realize that the supply of raw materials of our earth, for example gas, is not endless. Luckily there are many alternatives to heat up our homes without damaging the earth.

ANNE is a new event location in Utrecht that intents to inspire people about such alternatives with 7 meeting rooms. Guests are welcome to visit or organize a meeting or  event about the topic of sustainability. The circular design and the demonstration of materials, heat pumps, and solar panels contribute to this awareness.

At ANNE I’ve been working as Manager since November 2017. In less than six months, the place has grown enormously in terms of turnover and brand-awareness. Surveys showed that guests like it here and want to return. Everything that I learned during my studies and in my working years is clicking into place at ANNE!

What i did

  • Event management
  • location management
  • Bookings
  • Hosting