2017-present | ANNE (Alle Nederlanders Nieuwe Energie)

ANNE is the sustainable meeting place in Utrecht for everyone who wants to do something with fresh energy for a healthy future for our world.

ANNE urges her guests to commit themselves to the Global Goals: 17 sustainable development goals, which have been created by the UN, with the aim: a healthy future for our world in 2030. We are introducing the 18th Goal in Utrecht by the ask the question: “What are you doing?” Together with your commitment and energy, anything is possible. See what you can do and get inspired!

At ANNE I’ve been working as Manager since November 2017. In less than six months, the place has grown enormously in terms of turnover and brand-awareness. Surveys showed that guests like it here and want to return. Everything that I learned during my studies and in my working years is clicking into place at ANNE!

What i did

  • Event management
  • location management
  • Bookings
  • Hosting